Rich girls goals??

I can’t wait to get rich… These are the days I’ll be posting a photo with a motivational quote that has absolutely nothing to do with the photo… I’ll get my nails done and I’ll no longer do much writing cz they cannot accommodate that. Doing laundry will be a thing of the past, why struggle and I can get a machine, why cook and I can get someone to do it??? You feel me!!

Make up and me will always be in the same sentence. The only people who will know my real identity is the security guard at the gate and the shopkeeper just outside the house… Leave alone Mac, I’ll strike higher to Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

Ooh did I tell you that I’ll dish facebook? Instagram will be my ideal place. I’ll do lots of hashtags that I don’t even know what they mean. I’ll capture my imported gifts and tag international brands.

Since I’ll have become watchful about my diet and weight, I’ll hit the gym and I’ll always have a green like smoothie hoovering around me. I’ll ensure all the photos I take are on the mirror, otherwise how will you note that I have an iphone??

Please be aware that my cars model will be in the public, I’ll oftenly capture my nails on my Lexus steering wheel.
Forget about the birthdays and baby showers in the hood, I’ll need to treat myself… Probably have a deal with bonfire adventures…

My contact list will definitely change. I’ll hang out with people of my calibre, as they say, bad company spoils good morals. Furthermore, my former friends will embarrass me. My nyamachoma, โ€œmashakura ” and delmonte friend, I’m sorry but I’ll be doing Villa Rosa and Windsor…

The sweet aroma of the rain will be a thing of the past cz my imported human hair weave will tangle…

Last but not least, men will become dogs!! I mean all they do is use girls for money, that’s what slay queens claim and furthermore I can take of myself #missindependent

Does anyone relate to this??
Am sorry to anyone who feels offended but it’s time for a reality check….

Anyway, I think we can do better as girls. We can empower our young ones positively and also hold a few hands on our way up.

Remember if you humble yourself before the Lord, He will lift you up…

A little patience

An eagle, the new eagle

Just like an eagle, she felt it was time

The perfect time to go to the mountain

To shed off the beak, feathers and old her

She knew what this meant for her,

Alone time, no one on sight

Time to fight for herself

Few passed by and attempted to cling on

But it was too cold for them, they needed some sunshine

Their claws lost the grip and there she was

Vulnerable, exposed

But she needed to work on her

To perfect her and leave a better person

She thought of falling of the cliff several times

But the thought of her young ones

The joy they had as they cuddled her feathers

The moments their smiles reassured her

They kept her heart beating even when she couldn’t feel the rhythm

She beat herself hard on the rock, hard enough to break

Hard enough to break the rock too

Her tears dehydrated her

She watched as the other eagles flew past her

But she knew they were once there too

All she hoped was that her beak, claws and feathers would grow back

Grow back stronger and more refreshing

And she would be new again, be whole once more

All she needed was a little patience

A little patience!!!

Let me be, please!!!

We are all in the habit of judging people based on our own “truths” and preferences. We forget that everyone has got their own individual life and they can live it however pleasing they may find it. You get to judge no one because of their personal decisions. We were born alone and that is what makes us different, everyone got their own push and we gotta respect that.

Just like our fingerprints, our lives, feelings and thoughts will always defer. And I think that’s the beauty of life, just imagine how boring it would be if we had the same thoughts…same businesses, I hope you get what am trying to convey. But look at the world now, we marvel everyday at new inventions, we live to appreciate what other people do. That’s what I want to focus on, appreciating others people’s thoughts, actions and giving them a chance to be different and feel beautiful.

We’ve got this culture and this has mostly affected women, we’re always throwing shade at other women who live differently than us. You will get a lady who prefers to use Vaseline on her face complaining about a lass who’s put on make up. We’ll always be like “seriously, did she have to do all that ?” Yes she had to do it darling, because it makes her happy and beautiful. Do you even have an idea how much her make up collection costs? If you’ve got none, then I’ve given you 1001 reasons why you should appreciate her. Others will be complaining about wigs and weaves, let the ladies rock in those 14 inch weaves. If it makes them look confident and puts a smile on their face who are you to complain about it…Feel gorgeous in your natural hair or afro too and let no one deceive you that they need some Abuja lines on them …

If I want to get that Toyota Hilux Vigo (I love big machines) for business, who are you to tell me to get several proboxes instead?? Well, it might be economical, but give me a chance to fulfill my dreams too…. Probably I told you am dating person X and you don’t like the idea, to make matters worse, you’re married. Well darling, you got the chance to live with the person you love so let me make my choice too without interference.

My point is, everyone should have the liberty to live their own lives and make their own decisions as long as don’t they hurt other people… So do whatever makes you happy and if anyone has a problem with that, they’ve got to live with it honey…

Have a beautiful day ahead and put on a smile… ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

Boy child!! What next for you?

I know you’re all thinking am here to call the boy child names and all that but am here for a different agenda.

So in the recent past and even currently there’s much emphasis on the girl, education, empowerment and all that which has made us slowly forgot our boys. We’ve forgotten that our girls are being raised up with boys.

Every one seems so focused to let the girl child prosper without minding the little boy they’ve left behind. What about we look it at a different perception?

They say a child’s mind is like a blank paper so whatever you expose them to that’s what they write on that paper. If you teach them that it’s okay to disrespect girls, then they will grow up doing that. But if you treat them equally in the house, you know the end result.

Unfortunately the opposite is happening, the girl is being given much more attention. She will attend conferences, mentorship programmes, go upcountry to have a talk with auntie and grandma and the boy will be left home. After all, he’s a man, he can’t fall victim of early pregnancy and drop out of school so the sex talk ain’t important. But trust me, he needs it. He needs to know that he might be the reason a certain girl isn’t in school so he should back off premature sex. I choose to call it that. We’ve assumed that he’s a man, he has the superiority in him and he should figure everything out by himself. You know, ni ndume!!

I’ve grown up around 3 brothers, and as if that’s not enough I’ve got 3 nephews who are always on my neck. My bro’s have had their rough moments and sometimes they open up to me and I’ve had to reassure them everything will be fine. The little boys aren’t always strong, they have emotional breakdowns and we’ve got to be there for them as a family. They weren’t born with life manuals, they learn as they grow. This makes me think about the boy who’s been brought up with his mind programmed that he’s a man, he can never cry, never get weak.

So am calling upon all the men, mentor your little boys. Talk to those in high school, tell them that it’s okay to be broken and have their back. Let them know they have a support system. They will never say it aloud but deep inside they need someone to look up to.

Someone like Cyprian Nyakundi could be imparting some positive energy to our little boys but instead he’s …you all know what he’s doing. Aha and you now you think tables have turned, noo. He’s becoming influential and if he’s wise he should use that opportunity better. Before you throw a stone at me, think about the no of boys you’ve mentored, if none it’s time…

Let’s save the boy too!!

Get up, it’s about time!!!

What if we were daring enough?
What if we were willing to take a dive in the deep waters unaware of what lies beneath the oceans?
What if we stopped second guessing ourselves about things that scare us?
What if we did the actual thing instead of having a perception about it?
I mean, you never know how hot the chilli is till you taste it..
You never know how cold the water is till you take that bath..
Others have done it, they are people like you.. So what’s stopping you today? Don’t answer me but work on your answer
Power lies within you
Work on your dreams so that your children will grow up knowing that lack of confidence doesn’t run in their family line.